Get clarity + confidence to tackle your goals in this powerful two-part mini coaching experience 



Whether you've thought about coaching, are feeling stuck, or would just love some dedicated time to focus on YOU and strategies for getting out of your OWN WAY, this mini-coaching experience is a great place to start. 

Together we'll uncover what's holding you back from the career and life you want, and put together an action plan for moving forward FAST. 

"Allison's intuition is spot-on. She nailed my insecurities and helped me clear them."

What's included: 

When you sign up for SHIFT YOUR NARRATIVE, you get instant access to me - a seasoned HR pro, career coach and personal development junkie - on a mission to help you get out of your own way and leap toward your biggest goals. 

Here's what will happen next: 

  • Session 1: Clarity. In this one hour session, we'll uncover which narratives you're working from in your career day-to-day, and how they are (or are not) serving your highest good, period. 
  • Between sessions 1 and 2, you'll have 1-2 weeks to work on the exercises we choose together, based on your unique situation and the time you have available. You'll have unlimited email access to me during this time to check in, ask questions, stay accountable and share progress.  
  • Session 2: Confidence. In this one hour session, we'll work on choosing and locking-in your new narratives, creating an empowering vision for your career, and getting excited and optimistic about what's actually possible for you.  
  • You'll leave this experience with a new sense of clarity and confidence, profoundly shifted narratives, and a BUNCH of tools that you can use to maintain and build on your progress.
  • Each session takes place 1-to-1 over video conference, and you'll get a recording afterwards. 
  • BONUS: I'm throwing in an additional 30 minute session to book with me within 2 months of this mini-coaching experience. This is your chance to check back in, assess your progress, ask questions and most importantly - keep moving forward. 

This is DEFINITELY for you if: 

You feel stuck at work and are ready to change that. 

You're looking to build confidence, possibly following a career set-back. 

You understand that energy is everything, and you're ready to shift yours so you can really start showing up. 

Still not sure what I mean by "Shifting your narrative"?

Check out my blog on "How to shift your narrative" to see what I mean, including an example of how doing this work had a massive impact on my own self-confidence and career path. Read it HERE.

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Your investment: $450

Only 6 spots available. Closes May 31.


Are you ready?

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