Are you under-selling your authentic greatness in your job search?


Personal Brand Camp

Discover your Unique Magic.

Learn how to talk + write about it.

Get yourself hired.

"Allison helped me see my collection of experiences and skills in a new light. She helped me craft the story that’s right in front of me but I couldn’t see. "

- Lou (FL) 

"The words in my resume and LinkedIn profile now perfectly summarize ME. I literally never could have put this together by myself. Thank you Allison!"

- Julie (ON)

Hello, job searcher.

I hate to break this to you, but the whole "job search scene" is as intense, competitive and automated as ever. I am here to help you navigate it.

What sets the fast, effective job search apart from the rest?

MESSAGING. Written + Verbal.

It's time to communicate directly to your dream employer about how much of a CATCH you are.

By differentiating yourself with your unique personal brand.

What does nailing your personal brand mean for your job search?

Unapologetic ownership of your Unique Magic

Clarity, ease and flow when describing YOU the professional and human being

Documents that stand up to the screening process

Simple + powerful words on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and correspondence

Authentic confidence when interviewing

Curated stories that demonstrate why you're a perfect fit for the jobs you want

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