Humans constantly evolve, and so do our careers. Is your career evolving with you? Or is it time to reassess?  

🤷‍♀️Do you crave change but you're not sure where to start?  

🤷‍♀️Are you overthinking your next move, instead of taking action?

🤷‍♀️Do you fear that your options are limited because of time or resources?

🤷‍♀️Do you feel like you have so much to offer, but you aren't being seen? 

Congratulations, you're evolving. This program is for you.

🙌Imagine reclaiming the DRIVER'S SEAT in your career

🙌Imagine feeling ALIGNED and INSPIRED at work

🙌Imagine trading fear and uncertainty for CONFIDENCE

🙌Imagine waking up EXCITED about what's possible

Career Clarity Method IS the mindset and tools you need to build your dream career, without the overwhelm.

Yup, I said Your Dream Career.

Believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do.

Orrison Swett Marden


I'm a career coach and I built this program based on over 100 hours of 1:1 coaching. 

I work with incredibly talented people just like you.

And I see the same patterns repeating. 

Many of the people I speak with lack clarity on what they want, and the confidence they need to get there.  

I truly believe that your work is an opportunity to grow into the best version of you.  


Here's what happens in Career Clarity Method:  

Lesson 1: Your Thoughts & Beliefs

Recognize the power of your thoughts and beliefs. Recognize that you get to choose. Become aware of your career narrative and learn how to shift it in your favour.  

Lesson 2: Access Your Inner Expert

Access your internal compass, trust it and let it guide you. Uncover what matters the most, what lights you up and the conditions that work best for you at work.  

Lesson 3: Choose Your Focus

Get intentional and design a plan to achieve your core objectives with work starting now. Focus on the most important factors for YOU and let the rest go.  

Lesson 4: Compound Effect

Create the conditions for your own success including big and small actions, habits and routines, contingencies and support systems. Tune your instrument, then play it.  

The most important thing is to remember the most important thing.

Suzuki Roshi 

In Career Clarity Method You Will:

  • Understand the patterns you're living with in your career right now - and learn to shift what's not working. 

  • Uncover what's most important to you, minus the external noise of other people's expectations. 

  • Decide what you want right now (the power is in the present moment, afterall).  

  • Empower yourself to build the working life you want (and deserve). 

  • Create your personal plan for energy and action to start going after it.

  • Meet others who are also reaching for the next version of themselves.  

What's Included?


Each week you'll get access to a new video training packed with insights and tools for that week's theme. The first training drops Monday March 2. 


Each week we'll meet on a group video call to review, share experiences and support each other. Calls will take place Wednesday's at 12pm starting March 4. If you can't make it, there will be a recording.


For each lesson, you'll receive my favourite journal prompts for getting clarity on those themes. These will arrive in your inbox on Monday morning. 

❤ 1 HOUR 1:1 SESSION ❤

This session is scheduled after the program ends, to lock in your learning and momentum. Your 1:1 session will be scheduled in April 2020. 

What you plant now, you will harvest later.

OG Mandino

Are you ready for career clarity?

We start Monday March 2. Doors close Sunday March 1 at 9pm EST.


If you... are ready to meet your own limitless potential🙌

If you... are ready to see a profound shift in how you show up for work🙌 

If you... understand that this work is mostly internal work, between you and you🙌

 ❤ Then this program is for you ❤

Investment: $297

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